10 things you may or may not know about me:

1.  My favorite color is red.
2.  My favorite color is purple.
3.  I love to play Bach.
4.  I graduated with a Doctorate of Music in Piano Performance
5.  It took a long time.
6.  Favorite movies:  political thrillers.
7.  I took my first jazz piano class from Jimmy Hamilton and fell in love with it.
8.  I would rather make lists than write a bio.
9.  My teaching mission statement is "to create an environment in which a love of music can grow."
10.  When I finish recording all the music that is inside of me, I would like to become a photographer.  :)


Ok, 3 more things:


12.  I toured briefly with David Wells - it was very important that we both have mints before each concert.

13.  I consult Tom Hunter often.

14.  I also toured with the group Five by Design and much to their dismay, I still call them frequently.